What is it?

We can securely collect team’s entry money (whatever you’d like to charge) and deliver it back to you whenever you’d like through your fantasy website.

How does it work?

If you choose this option simply select the amount you would like to charge each team and each team will then be required to securely submit that amount before they can create and enter a team in to your fantasy league. We'll hold on to the funds for as long as you like and release them when you’re ready.

What are the benefits?

That cheeky so-and-so that never pays his subs, you know the one? Well that’s the same bloke who always promises to give you his team entry fee cash “next week” but still owes you come Christmas!

Fantasy Club Sports is a fab fundraiser for clubs but chasing people and getting hold of the cash can be chore. You’ll be amazed how quickly people stump up (pun intended) if it means the difference between entering and not entering a team!

Our team entry fee collection service is safe, secure and is one less problem for you to worry about, leaving more time to focus on managing your fantasy league.

What does it cost?

There is no upfront charge, we just take a 15% processing fee to cover our transaction and administration costs. Check out the example below.

When do I get my funds?

Drop us an email (info@fantasyclubsports.co.uk) whenever you like and we'll sort you out. We prefer to transfer funds via bank transfer and all payments will be made within 48 hours of your request. A summary of total funds raised will be visible from the admin section of your fantasy website so you'll always know how much cash you've raised, as well as what our fees are.


Play around with the numbers below to see how much you could raise.

Teams Entered
Entry Fee (£)
Total Funds
15% processing fee
Total Raised