How much does it cost?
The basic package is £25 per season, however there are two upgrades available. The 11 Players Per Team upgrade (letting teams choose 11 rather than 6 players) costs an additional £6 per season. The Automatic Points Update upgrade costs an additional £12 per season. If you purchase both upgrades you’ll pay just £36.55 for the full package, saving 15%.

We also offer a service where we can collect team entry fee money on your behalf from every user who submits a team online.

We will hold the funds securely and then release them back to you at the end of the season. For this service we charge 15%.

Are the upgrades worth it?
The 11 Players Per Team upgrade is highly recommended for larger clubs (fielding more than two teams each week, for example) and does bring a new dimension to your league, requiring a little more strategic thinking and flexibility with transfers and captain choices. The Automatic Points Update upgrade (Fantasy Club Cricket only) is our personal favourite as it makes the whole process hassle free. In the early days of Fantasy Club Cricket, having to manually update the points was often the biggest bugbear and this upgrades certainly solves that.

How can a fantasy website benefit my club?
Fantasy Club Sports was founded to help cricket, football and hockey clubs raise money. Get 50 teams signed up and paying £10 per team and you’ve raised the club £500.

While continues to be a brilliant fundraiser it’s also great at bringing the people within a club closer together. Instantly players from the 1st XI are desperate to know how their 4th XI counterparts got on, because it could mean the difference between winning and losing in the fantasy league.

Finally, win, lose or draw, it’s a great talking point over a few beers after the game.

How do I sign up?
It's easy - just go to the sign up page and fill out the form. It can take up to 48 hours for your Fantasy Club Sports site to become active.

When does the transfer window open?
The transfer window is always open by default and teams will be able to make 1 free transfer per week that will take effect for the following game week. Additional transfers will incur a penalty of 20 points each – so use them wisely! You can manually open or close the transfer window whenever you wish from the main admin section.

Can one person enter multiple teams?
In theory yes, this is possible although you can only enter one team per email address. In order to enter a second team, you would have to create another account with a different email address.

Is there a way to stop people changing captains midway through a game?
Teams may change captain whenever they wish, although like transfers, captain changes will not become active until the following game week.

Is it possible to give more than one person permission to view the admin section?
Yes - you can give responsibility to as many users as you like. Just send us an email at info@fantasyclubsports.co.uk and we'll get it sorted for you.

My club is based outside the UK - does that matter?
Not at all. Fantasy Club Sports are available to any club in the world.

Will junior players be awarded points for colts matches? (Fantasy Club Cricket only)
The system will ignore all junior matches and will only import data from adult matches. Junior players are eligible to earn points from the adult matches they appear in as long as you have entered them into the system.

Can I choose which games are imported from play cricket? (Fantasy Club Cricket only)
When you sign up you will have the option to choose between three match types to include in your fantasy league: League, Cup and Friendly. The system will only import the match types that you select. From your admin page, you'll be able to exclude any individual scorecard if you need to.